Are you heading into the next phase of your business?

Do you need to pause the hustle and bustle and focus on what's next?

What better way to do it then hop on a plane to Malta?

Europe's gem in the heart of the Mediterranean

This One-to-One Private Retreat will surely help to boost your life and business.

Travel here and join me in Malta for a 5-day private retreat, where together we'll get clear on the next phase of your business while taking in some of Malta's breath-taking locations. 


It will differ depending on which stage you are in your business. The below are only a few examples:

  • Get clear on where you currently stand and where you aim to reach

  • Create and/or analyze and cultivate your brand identity

  • Analyze your current Social Media Strategy 

  • Work on your mindset - Because yes, without this you're not getting anywhere!

  • Create a business model that helps you fulfill your needs and your clients' needs

Also included:

  • 5 nights accommodation

  • Sightseeing and excursions

Why Malta?

This little island in the middle of the Mediterranean is one of the most sought after locations for peace and tranquility; plus the weather is practically good all year round. Other than peace and tranquility, Malta is famous for:

  • It's colourful Capital City, Valletta and the so-called silent city of Mdina

  • It's impressive coastline

  • The locals, with a heart of gold

  • Gozo and Comino - two islands just off Malta

  • It is home to some of the oldest sites in the world

  • It's traditional food

  • It's rich history

  • The only thing that is not quiet in Malta is the summer Festas, with a showcase of fireworks that are popular not only by the Maltese

  • Movies such as Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Gladiator

Ready to be inspired?

Investment: € 15,000

This service is limited to a number of clients per year. Please contact me on


Availability for 2021: 1 spot available

Availability for 2022: 3 spots available


Who is this for?

Given the investment required, this is only for the bold and the brave. For those who genuinely feel that they are ready for a major step forward in their life and business.

How does it work?

This is a done-for-you service and it all depends on how you want it to work. The first step would be to send me an email, and we'll kick it off from there.

What level of support will I get?

I will give you all the support you need! We will go through this when discussing working together.

What results can you guarantee?

I do believe that I can help you to achieve your goals. I will help you create a strategy to overcome what you are currently struggling with and help you to prepare yourself for the good stuff that is to come; however, ultimately it is you who needs to present yourself and do the work. I cannot guarantee specific results.